Benefits of establishing paternity early on

Benefits of establishing paternity early on

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Not being able to have legal rights as a parent can make it difficult to care for and see your child in the near and distant future. Thankfully, Florida fathers can solidify their rights within the legal system.

Whether you sign a paternity acknowledgement form at or after your child’s birth or plan to marry your child’s mother after their birth, there are options for you to keep the process out of court. Acting early on can help you provide for your children in ways you wouldn’t be able to without your name on their birth certificate.

Father can see and support their child

Establishing paternity can give you the opportunity to have custody rights. This will allow you the chance to spend time and take care of your children, even if you don’t live with their other parent. In turn, this can help you build a relationship with your child and your child may feel more secure knowing there are two adults that deeply care about them.

Legal custody also allows you to provide monetary support during and after the course of your life. In fact, you may be able add your child to your current health insurance policy and pass along Social Security benefits if you pass away.

Mother can take legal action

When you put your name in writing and establish your rights, you can protect your connection with your child. If you aren’t involved with the mother of your child, romantically or as a co-parent, then they might feel unsupported and unable to raise your child on their own. And when you don’t prove paternity, their mother can legally put your child up for adoption without your approval.

Plus, if you don’t act first or fast and show you are there to help your raise your child, then your child’s mother might file a paternity lawsuit. And when a judge reviews your case, they might not grant you visitation you believe is fair or order child support obligations that seem unreasonable.

With any approach you take, there are experienced family law attorneys that can help you absorb and navigate the legal process of establishing paternity.