Shoplifting isn’t always out of necessity

Shoplifting isn’t always out of necessity

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Sometimes, people shoplift because they desperately need something that they cannot afford. They’re not sure what else to do.

For instance, one of the items that gets stolen the most every year is baby formula. While some do this to resell it on the black market, you have to imagine that others do it because they need the formula for their new child and they’re simply out of money for the month. A parent may be willing to do anything to help their child, including breaking the law.

However, it is clear that many cases also happen for vastly different reasons. The theft and re-sale of formula, for instance, isn’t out of necessity. It’s done to make a profit. Some packages of formula can cost more than $100. People can sell these items to make a quick profit, and they know that person will just need more the next month.

Additionally, some people see shoplifting as a thrilling event. They want that rush. They crave the thrill of knowing they’re doing something wrong or dangerous. They may not even want the items that they’re stealing. This is often why wealthy people still shoplift, even though the items they are stealing are easily affordable to them.

In fact, when this goes far enough, it can even become an addiction. When someone gets addicted, they may want to stop and yet keep doing it, leading to an arrest. This is the exact same issue as drug addiction or anything else. Someone in this position really needs to know what legal options they have, as they could need professional assistance with the addiction more than time behind bars.