Facing drunk driving charges after St. Patrick’s Day? Get help

Facing drunk driving charges after St. Patrick’s Day? Get help

| Mar 17, 2021 | Uncategorized |

St. Patrick’s Day is the one day of the year where “everybody’s Irish.” Americans of all heritages love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with parades, parties and — of course — green beer.

In anticipation of the annual revelry, you can generally expect patrol cars to be out in droves and the police to be watching for any sign that a driver may be drunk. It’s very easy to end up pulled over and charged with intoxicated driving around this time.

What makes a police officer think you’re driving while impaired?

You can get pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol (or both) for a number of reasons. Chief among them:

  • You’re driving erratically. That could mean that you’re speeding up and slowing down at irregular intervals, weaving a little or drifting out of your lane. You could just be tired (which is also dangerous), but a police officer is likely to think you’re impaired.
  • You sit too long at a stop — or not long enough. Peeling out when the light turns green or sitting at a stop sign far too long indicates to an officer that you may be impaired — even if you were just in a hurry or just trying to figure out where you were headed.
  • You seem lost. Maybe you are lost, but slowing down in the middle of a street to look for an address, fumbling with your phone to ask Siri for directions or making an illegal U-turn somewhere to correct your course is sure to catch an officer’s attention.

Even pulling over to the side of the road to take a nap if you’re tired can cause an officer to think that you’re actually intoxicated and trying to “sleep it off.” In other words: It’s easy to get charged with a DUI even if you’re not actually impaired.

What should you do if you’re facing DUI charges here in Florida?

Don’t try to handle this situation yourself or talk your way out of DUI charges. Working with an experienced defense attorney is your smartest move. Please continue reviewing our website to learn more about your options.