How do the Florida courts approach custody in a divorce?

How do the Florida courts approach custody in a divorce?

| Apr 29, 2021 | Family Law |

Florida recently updated its approach to the custody of minor children in a divorce to focus more on the kids and less on the parents. In fact, if you read through the law, you won’t find many uses of the word custody at all anymore. 

Instead, the law now focuses on a combination of parental responsibilities to the children and time-sharing, which is the phrase used to reference the division of parenting time between both parents and sometimes third parties like grandparents. 

If you expect to divorce soon and have minor children, then you probably feel worried about what divorce will mean for your time with your kids. Understanding how the Florida courts handle custody can make you feel more confident.

Children usually benefit from being with both parents

Plenty of parents are willing to battle their ex for custody, but such an approach is rarely in the children’s best interests. Only when one parent has a history of abuse or neglect does such an aggressive approach benefit the children. In many cases, becoming unnecessarily contentious can make divorce more stressful for the children. 

The judge deciding how to structure time sharing for your family will want to act in the children’s best interests. Typically, this means awarding both parents parenting time and contributing financially to supporting their child. 

Showing that you prioritize your kids’ needs and are capable of working with your ex can go a long way toward establishing yourself as a compassionate and dedicated parent. If the courts view you positively, you are more likely to receive plenty of parenting time in the final rulings for your divorce.