Could Citrus County’s Drug Court help you keep your life on track?

Could Citrus County’s Drug Court help you keep your life on track?

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If you’re facing drug charges here in Citrus County, then you don’t likely need anyone to remind you of the serious penalties that await you if you’re convicted of such a crime. 

While you might think of your drug charges as life-ending, they don’t have to be. You may be able to get the substance abuse treatment that you need while also avoiding a potentially life-altering criminal conviction by participation in the county’s drug court. 

Who can participate in Citrus County’s Drug Court?

Non-violent offenders facing certain drug crimes qualify for participation in Citrus County’s Drug Court. Programs like these generally do not allow defendants facing allegations that they sold, trafficked or manufactured large quantities of certain drugs to participate in such a program. Individuals with multiple open cases generally don’t qualify for participation in drug courts as well. 

How does Citrus County’s Drug Court work?

You must first appear in front of the court and plead no contest or not guilty at the start of your case. The court will then enter a deferred sentence and order you to complete many requirements for 18 months or more. These may include:

  • Regularly appearing before a judge in court to ensure your compliance with participation terms.
  • Undergoing regular alcohol and drug testing.
  • Your participation in counseling and attendance at 12 step meetings.

How long each defendant’s participation in this program varies depending on your individual needs and progress. All defendants remain enrolled in this program for at least 18 months. Anyone who successfully completes it will end up having their charges dismissed at the conclusion of their drug court case. 

Do you qualify for participation in drug court?

Not everyone who wishes to take part in drug court can. There’s generally a stringent application process to participate to ensure that the individuals with the strongest likelihood of kicking their habit take one of the limited seats available. 

You may want to familiarize yourself with some of the additional participation requirements to see if you may be eligible and to learn how to proceed from there. Experienced legal guidance with your drug case can help.